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I am an independent writer and editor, with more than 15 years of experience in the field. My journey towards becoming a journalist began as a cub reporter with the India Today group, thereon moving to an international news agency, before pulling away to work independently.

Ever since, I have travelled across India, writing stories on environment, art and culture for National and International media, and documenting case studies for development agencies on health, rights, and education. I also develop content for reports, websites, brochures, as well as edit books for publishing houses. I have written scripts for radio shows and have translated books too. My work has been acknowledged in the form of national awards and media fellowships.

Over the years, I have gained a lot: writing experience, exposure to different cultures and people, a husband, a daughter, and a platoon of wild-but-fed-at-home animals and birds. The zeal to sit in front of my laptop, ready to write a story, however, has been a constant. And so, I know this: Writing is my Ikigai. And I doubt I would come across anything that would excite me more than the prospect of playing with words and creating a story.

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